The Committee for Communication Access was created to advocate for the needs and concerns of hard of hearing New Mexicans and is made up of hearing care consumers from throughout the state in partnership with the New Mexico Commission for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Persons and the state's Hearing Loss Association of America chapters..

in 2016, CCAnm campaigned for revisions to certain New Mexico rules and regulations applicable to the needs of  consumers to have good access to the assistive listening systems in many public venues. House Bill 70,  passed by the New Mexico legislature on February 18, 2016,  mandated  that, before the sale and dispensing of hearing instruments to any client,  a New Mexico hearing care provider must counsel that client in the technology available in most hearing instruments that will provide a direct connection between their device and the assistive listening system of any public assembly facility that is in compliance with the 2010 revised terms of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

A similar bill was introduced, passed and signed by the Governor or Delaware at about the same time, joining Arizona, Florida, New York, Rhode Island and Utah in mandating client counseling on telecoil technology prior to dispensing hearing aids. Governor Susana Martinez vetoed the New Mexico bill expressing concern over the mandating of specific standards of care, specific technologies that must be presented to clients, and specific conduct for hearing care providers.

To read the full comments on the bill by the Governor in her veto, click on this link:

The Committee is now working with the Governor's Commission on Disability on plans to call a meeting of stakeholders for the purpose of exploring alternative means that could be used to raise awareness of telecoil technology and the availability of venues that feature the various forms of the technology with their assistive listening system.

 The committee is also pursuing the installation of hearing loops in the Albuquerque Sunport departure gates and concourse and exploring how to move forward with an initiative to follow the lead of Arizona and loop the House and Senate chambers and committee meeting rooms in the Roundhouse.

Any New Mexico resident interested in service on this committee should send an email to requesting consideration for membership and a short biographical sketch of his/her background.
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Click on the link below to access the results of our survey on the use of telecoils and captions and on consumer opinion on mandated counseling by hearing care providers for clients being fitted with hearing aids.
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Click on the link below to access our survey on the use of assistive listening systems by Hard of Hering consumers and the article reporting on it in Technologies for Worship Magazine.